Bella Thorne Has Got You Covered

In the last blog, we mentioned red Santa-inspired latex you might see your favorite gift-giver wearing or even a fellow partier wiggle into this time of year. Well, Bella Thorne made all of our holiday alt. couture wishes a reality.

The supermodel posted a video and pics on Instagram just this week showing herself in a red latex sports bra, red latex panties, and thigh-high red latex boots. She also revealed a picture of herself in those panties and bra wearing a red baseball cap (while holding her new lip stain in her hands) and in another photo, wearing a Santa hat. The supermodel captioned her posts: ‘Red Hot Christmas.’

Two days before all this posting Thorne posted quite the ‘alternative’ festive photo. She was wearing a red corset, bottoms, and gloves, and we all might remember, even earlier, when Bella stood with her back to the camera in a super short Christmas-inspired dress, her fabulous long legs wrapped in candy cane-striped stockings and wearing high red heels.

 All these gifts the twenty-one-year-old is bestowing on us this season seems to be as inspired by her good cheer as to promote her new Thorne By Bella makeup line. That collection, launched on November 25th (found here) and kicked off in high salacious style with a video of Bella wriggling among whip cream in one scene (and nothing else), in red bra and panties in another, and licking off a huge chocolate tower in the last. The song “I’m a Hoe 2,” which Thorne sings herself, provides the soundtrack. Thorne boasts an Instagram viewership of 18.6 million; the video was viewed 1.5 million times.

Just in case you missed wearing your latex wardrobe having to dress in the ubiquitous ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater, having to keep your style sedate for the menorah lighting, or even donning traditional dress for your celebration, know that Bella Thorne was out there on Instagram for us all keeping the sexy holiday flag a flying.

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