Fetish Map, LondoN

We hear words like ‘fetish,’ ‘alternative,’ ‘sexy’ and ‘underground’ bandied about so often making and selling the latex wardrobe we do. Happy to be included in any person’s day-to-day haute couture, their event wear, or even some midnight bedroom rendezvous, all we care about is that people enjoy what they wear, be it latex, cotton or some rubber clothing. Proud to be described with any word, from those emotive terms some find offense yet others find fun, it should be no surprise that we’d set out a blog to report on the newly released Fetish Map, London, issue #10, 2019/20 edition.

This ‘complete & utter alternative lifestyle guide’ produced, as always, by the good people at PictureRama Publishing, features a plethora of goodies for just about anybody. From the novice player to the fashionista, the book lover, ardent alt. market shopper, scenester, or just visitor to old London Town who would like a handy detailed map, the Fetish Map London fold out is a must-have. 

On one side is that map on the other a bunch of columns. Headed, “Clubs & Parties,” “Discussion Groups/Socials/Munches,” “Saunas/Spas,” (and many more) here one gets a bunch of groups, places, and people to check out under each heading amongst adds peppered here and there for alternate clothing shops, magazines and services of all measure. And while yes, there is a concentration on doings in and around the UK’s posh, fun and often sexy capital, you will find adds for plenty of providers out of the city and a few out of the country, in fact.

Over the past few years, PictureRama has set their sites on other countries to bring a global ethos to their map. Bringing the world together, exposing all that is ‘out there,’ no matter where there happens to be, is their goal, and with each map, we have seen they seem to be stretching ever further. 

You can find Fetish Map London here: www.fetishmap.co.uk.

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