Every News Lady Needs One

Yes, they do indeed get into latex clothing, but as of yet Amazon has not journeyed all that far into our alt. couture world. But the online shop has made their presence known in almost all other parts of consumerism. And lately they have been slipping into the fashion sensibilities of those women we see nightly; the T.V. news anchorwoman.

Less than a month ago a Facebook female newscasters group posted an Amazon link to a dress that costs all of 19.99. As of this writing forty ladies have bought the dress. Then Frances Wang, an anchor with Sacramento’s ABC 10 news created her “sisterhood of the Amazon dress” postings of her fellow lady anchors wearing the dress and showing where they were across the U.S. on a map.

Haute couture, even that which is not so very pricey, has a way of making waves with lady newspeople. Two years ago a group of weather ladies posted their good feelings over a slightly more expensive outfit (only four dollars more) pencil sheath dress they were sporting.

On a network level, cable organizations like FOX have been as much noticed, as sometimes criticized, for what seems a policy-wide mandatory short dress or skirt edict for their lady newscasters and female show hosts. But this latest lady anchor solidary was one begun at the local news level with women who arguably do not have deep pocket clothes budgets or maybe even image coaches for their wardrobe choices.

These simply seem to be women who want a comfortable dress that sports a slightly cut neckline that does not dip too low.

The Sidefeel Women Cute V Neck Sweet Scallop Pleated Skater Dress, from Amazon is made of polyester and spandex. It comes with scallop trim, the aforementioned slight low neckline and short sleeves and is available in yellow, pink, white, red, blue and black.

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