‘Vintage’ styling with Dua Lipa

Not showing latex, but certainly vintage (if your vintage happens to be in the aughts), Dua Lipa proves her haute couture mettle wearing an array of notable wardrobe choices in her new video for her song Potion.

Working with stylist Lorenzo Posocco, in this video, for the tune she shares with Calvin Harris and Young Thung, the four specific looks here certainly make as much of a statement as the sly, sexy tune. Single slicing guitar line sails us over the ocean opening as the beat comes up, and we are dropped on an island. Here we find Dua Lipa prone and trapped in an upside-down car, wearing a Christian Dior by John Galliano mini. Very quickly, we are watching the diva sashaying down a hallway, dressed in a Roberto Cavalli print shirt and asymmetric skirt from 2003 and 2002, respectively. She accessorizes with knee-high boots from the beginning year of the century.

In the dance sequence that follows, Dua Lipa dresses in a silver slip dress, again from Cavalli, wearing boots for this look worn by Beyoncé in her “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” video.

Dua Lipa

The last change of the video sees Dua Lipa with Harris, wearing a blue snakeskin Tom Ford dress. 

Of course, this is not the first for Dua Lipa and vintage looks. For a 2020 SNL appearance, she famously wore an Alaïa bustier from way back in the day, a 1981 Mugler “vampire dress,” an ostrich-feather hat, and an ivory gown. More recently, Dua Lipa wore a bondage-like strap dress from Gianni Versace’s Fall 1992 ready-to-wear collection at the 2022 Grammy’s.

Interestingly enough, Dupa Lipa also features four distant wardrobe changes during the 80-minutes she takes the stage in her recent Future Nostalgia tour. Though not all vintage looks, she dons a neon green Balenciaga bodysuit, a silver glittery suit (with boots to match), a black bodysuit matched with pink tights, and once again goes Mulger in a catsuit festooned with 120,000 crystals. 

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