Here Come The ‘Scants’: Dawnamatrix & Doom Patrol

And here I was thinking I was just a simple latex designer. Living now in Georgia, I’m flattered to announce that I am considered a specialty costume/wardrobe maker in the Atlanta Movie/T.V. Studio scene. Some folks make armor, other are leather workers, but I found work, for the first time since relocating to Georgia, on an episode of Doom Patrol, that premiered this week.

Naturally, not living in Georgia at the time, when I worked on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 I send my latex wardrobe pieces to the Atlanta studios. But having relocated to the area I found the experience of working for a studio production completely different…and wonderful. Creating latex pieces for characters called “Scants,” and their queen for episode #7, titled “Dumb Patrol,” I set to work on specific pink latex with a top-notch assistant from the studio helping me. Being able to send patterns back and forth while the production assistant and other people at the show held meetings, even having one of the show’s actors over to my studio for measurements, I was treated to a high level of proficiency. I have found with movie and television productions I don’t have to surf across many steps to get answers or the work done, and everybody does their job to push through to meet the deadline.

What a great way to work.

In the case of this season’s Doom Patrol, things got shaken-up quickly, as they did for many other productions when COVID-19 flared. In fact, Doom Patrol had to cut their season from ten shows to nine, and we were given only a week to get the work done. We delivered the final wardrobe pieces on a Friday night, and Saturday morning Ben and I were at the airport taking a flight to Japan for the Toy and Gift show we attended just before the global outbreak of the pandemic.

If we had gone a week later, I might be writing this blog from a location in Japan.

What was also really neat about this particular job was that I got to work with my friend Jason Shulman, an award-winning animator (see his IMDB page here). Jason is a lead animator on Doom Patrol and we both attended the Ringling College of Art and Design together twenty-one years ago.

It took over two decades, but we finally got to work with one another!

I have to thank Doom Patrol as much for the opportunity to create the Scants as to work with a good old friend as for surrounding me with such professional people who care so much about their craft.

You can catch Doom Patrol on the HBO MAX and other streaming services.

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