Dawnamatrix @ The Boston Latino Fashion Expo

1932481_339821402858371_960038283870460253_nSponsored by MS productions, Elmundo, & Candela magazine the Boston Latino Fashion Expo presented an amazing array of designers, models and artisans who made us feel right at home when we presented our new Space and Time collection Held at the Silver Fox Function Hall in Everett, this unique high-energy affair was colorful, fun and daring in all the best ways possible. It was a true honor for team Dawnamatrix to be part of this event produced by and for the Latino community of Boston.

The artistry of our fellow designers was just fantastic and far reaching here, and even though some of us presented wildly different couture from each other, the sense of  comradery at the BLFE was of a high level. Having either attended and presented at quite a few events now, we’ve felt our share of healthy competition and a “let’s see what you got” moxie from our fellows, but at this convention as with so many others we have attended, everyone truly wanted to see each other do well. Yes, one of your main competitors could very well be right next to you preparing their runway show minutes after yours, but for the most part-and certainly at this past show-it comes down to the fact that we are all designers one and all trying to do our best and there is a mutual admiration that almost always bests even the worst rivalries.

(Actually, we have either been too busy to notice or have been exceedingly lucky to have only have felt positive “vibes” when we present runway shows.)10660235_10204330412398755_738365787947966141_n

At the Boston Latino Fashion Expo we had the singular pleasure of presenting what we felt (and were told later) was a truly unique couture line, thrilled that our new Space and Time Collection found the warm reception that it did. Let’s face it, Latex Couture is not not everyone’s taste, and to see our latest wares garner such positive reaction, far and away from the likes of a Montreal Fetish Weekend or the like, is very heartening indeed.

Thanks again Boston Latino Fashion Expo, we had a blast.


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