Dawnamatrix and The Pratt Institute

VMAsSetNude-redux-sm[1]There is no doubt we exploited our VMA Beyoncé experience (read here) about as best as we could, proud of it all as we were. Blogging, P.R-ing, and yes bragging about that fun and furious work, supplying the pop/R&B diva’s dancers with latex outfits for her end-of-show show-stopping performance this year was one of the highlights of our career. But what is an equal honor, in some ways just as thrilling coming as it does from out peers was the mention Dawnamatrix just recently received about the Beyoncé creations from our old school The Pratt Institute of NYC.

Given the tight-knit artistic community at Pratt, one that has very strong alumni relations, when one of my ex professors saw our Beyoncé news across Facebook the news buzzed across the campus media like wildfire. The school blogged about our work (see here) and we couldn’t be happier.

It was a great experience attending such a prestigious school right in the heart of NYC, being at the center of the art and culture in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.  I earned my Masters of Fine Art in New Forms at Pratt with a minor in Art Education there, an interdisciplinary study that encouraged and fed my love of combining art forms and experimentation.

As you can see here to this very day in our brand new Space & Time line.


Team Dawnamatrix actually met at Pratt..and we are now married and run Dawnamatrix together (a romance born in that great city while we were working hard to our educational goals and learning so much.)

I could never truly express how special those years of learning, falling in love, realizing my goals and dreaming of the future were. To have the Pratt Institute honor me by showing such pride in my accomplishments is a joy truly and we love them as much now as we ever have.



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