Blood Manor, NYC

Halloween is more than a month away but attractions, scary hay rides and haunts all through-out America are gearing-up for opening or putting on their last coat of stage make-up. Here at Dawnamatrix some of our couture is created strictly for costuming (see here), so we love to see new and inventive Halloween wardrobes and of course who doesn’t love ghouls, sexy witches and the ubiquitous bloody zombie? With all of the above in mind, let me tell you about NYC’s Blood Manor.

girl at blood manor

Surely it’s fashionable to go to something like this at Halloween. And yes there are the obligatory torn paint splattered dresses or masks inside (some on the scale of wild proportions like our Hyde Mask…some scarier on a whole other level) But what got me more than the sickly rendered specific scary rooms-complete with props, painted walls and actors-that you step through in a fever pitch as your senses are assaulted, was what it has to take to run this thing!

Now that’s art on a grand scale.

What we don’t see at Blood Manor has to be as interesting (and probably more harried) than what we do. There have to be make-up touch-ups, dinner breaks, costume changes and repair, actors subbing for other actors, break-down of machinery, even maybe some security issues, all slithering behind the paint splattered walls in what has to be a maze-like behind-the-scenes. But this is where the true art of an attraction like this occurs, the months of prep work and each night performance seamlessly meeting for the delectation and critique of one of the most jaded audiences anywhere.

blood manor MC

That’s what you come away most impressed with…after you catch your breath and realize that, thank God it’s all over! Yes the 3D room (where you are given glasses to enter) has you seemingly floating over neon colored floors and between pulsating walls, the meat locker is truly unnerving with a little too real carcasses swinging in your face, the Wolfman and his companion are done-up with just about the best make-up and room dressing of the lot and there were some very sexy demon/ghoul/bloody school girls taking to poles and wielding sorority paddles. But really to just run this show, get it all working as well as it does takes a Herculean effort that surely you can’t miss.

Even if you are scared out of your wits.

Go see Blood Manor if you dare:

blood manor devil mask


photo credits-Peter Riot

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