Dawnamatrix Rising

It’s not every day that I get out and about with my latex couture posing with a falcon. Surely, we have had Dawnamatrix wear on models in various exotic locations and we have had plenty of man-made accessories alongside on our shoots. We have even been involved with creating pieces for specific animal themes, and causes (remember Cocktails for Conservation and celebrating pachyderms for the Elephantasia show at LFW?). But this shoot I just completed for Ville magazine, was truly unique, in as much as I got to model all the pieces, in a truly one-of-a-kind spot and shared the space and time with the most stunning creatures.

I must admit, at first I was pretty scared of the falcon going for my eyes, but then I got comfortable holding these birds. There’s a sense of power associated with handling these majestic creatures, and looking into their inhuman eyes was very inspiring…and humbling. 

In an interview by Abby Luschei, in a piece called “The Rising Of Dawn”, I give forth on all I can about the specific sexy haute couture I make and how I first came to make it. We as much cover how one can spice up their wardrobe, tackle the concept of what fetish fashion is and get into my studying kimono fashions when I lived and taught in Japan. Being a Seattle-based magazine, Abby also got my take on living and working here in the great Northwest of the U.S.

Specific credits on this shoot are as follows:

Jessica Drake, Photos: www.jldimagery.com

Randi Canoy, Hair and Makeup: vannedge.com 

Charity Mainville, Stylist: https://twitter.com/charityanna?lang=en

Location: Dunn Gardens www.dunngardens.org

Birds Of Prey: The Falconer www.the-falconer.com

I am wearing Dawnmatrix: Butterfly Corset, Butterfly Shirt, Dress, Laser cut Rose Gown, Jacket, Drape Trench, Classic dress and our Hooded opera coat.

As you see from the below, I also made the cover. Thank you so much Ville and thank you to my winged friends for the day.


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