Things Get Slightly ‘Alternative’ During Fashion Month

Be it a latex skirt, a rubber mask, any kind of chainmail accessory, you know we are all about pushing boundaries of fashion and style. But as we have reported on plenty, one doesn’t usually find such way-out attempts during the haute couture of worldwide Fashion Month. A quick check though of what was just revealed recently in Milan, New York and London did actually surprise us.

In NYC, Chromat sent lots of their models down the catwalk in swimsuits…bright neon ones, in fact. But it was the accessories that made things so interesting. Not only were the ladies sporting ‘pool noodles,’ but one walked flippin’ a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos® with her. At the same Fashion Week, Gypsy Sport had one of their models sporting a wire bra with see-thru cups, a fur boa skirt and knee-high latex black boots. Another model of theirs wore that boa for a bra.

Across the ocean during London Fashion Week, the On/Off Presents-Honest Man show, was garnering lots of attention and press. They had Jack Irving’s presentation where models wore animal heads while showing off their pieces, and a model in an inflatable holographic sea shell as well as a see-thru shimmery mouse trap. Also in London town Matt Bivan presented a model balancing a huge bag of ‘caught’ gold balloons on her head.

Angel Chen managed a shout-out to Big Bird at her show in Milan, yellow feathers on great display in her wardrobe. But not to be outdone, Annakiki, during the same fashion week, also presented bird feathers adorning their models.

Maybe the winner here of most outrageous, interesting, alt. fashion presentation was Gucci in Milan. They sent models walking down the runway holding a perfect copy of their own heads in their arms. Quite the startling look indeed.

We applaud all this cheekiness.

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