Dawnamatrix nominated for Designer of the Year in the Swimwear/Intimate category of the 2014 Boston Fashion Awards



We are proud to announce that Dawnamatrix has been nominated for Designer of the Year in the Swimwear/Intimate category for the 2014 Boston Fashion Awards.

Creating “an opportunity to build a positive image of the Boston fashion scene internationally and strengthening the fellowship within the local industry while rising funds and awareness for select local charitable organizations” The Boston Fashion Awards will be held November 30th at 7pm at Bijou Lounger, 51 Stuart Street, at 7pm.

The show’s hosts this year are Brian Malone and Amarie Ortiz. Partners “Dirty Waters News” & Performer.com are on board and all the net proceeds go to benefit The Great American Foundation.

We couldn’t be happier to be recognized by our peers, especially out of this great American city we call home. As lots of our blogs and news items will attest, Dawnamatrix enjoys a global reputation, attends plenty of events worldwide and has rendered outfits from latex kimonos, to catsuits, to classic American-inspired couture, like in our Colonial Skirt. We areas much influenced by the world around us, and our many travels, as we are part and parcel of all that can be considered art in America; to be sure, even though American fashion is very pop orientated at times, it certainly is artful in so many instances. So to be nominated by an American-based event recognizing international fashion truly speaks to our heart.

In the case of our nomination, it really is less if one wins and more how one ‘plays’ the game (in this case how one designs and renders) that matters most. Yes, we want to do well in what we do, and a win in our nominated category would be fantastic, but just to be part of this great post-holiday weekend event is an honor.

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