Dawnamatrix ‘Flutters By’ In Beau-Nu’s May 2015 “Creative” Issue.

Fullscreen capture 542015 51241 PM.bmpBegun in 2013 Beau-Nu Magazine is a publication presenting startling style and edgy beauty. This month Lorraine Cousins models our Butterfly latex in shots taken by Mia Stacy for Beau-Nu’s May “Creative” Issue. As you see here the pictures are stunning and we couldn’t be happier fluttering by in the new Beau-Nu.

Not only does Lorraine look perfect in our latex and are Mia’s pictures arresting (the two recently worked together here showcasing other Dawnamatrix butterfly pieces) but the setting in these shots, and the delicate posing of Lorraine instantly reminds one of those infamous Cottingley Fairie pictures (seen to the right here). Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths might have fooled quite a bit of folks back in early 20th century England (in the end it was reasoned but never conclusively proved that the cousins posed with cutout fairie pictures) including the famous Arthur Conan Doyle, but in these Beau-Nu shots there is no mistaking model and photographer working so very hard to present magic of a high order indeed!cottingley-fairies-3

In all we render and create, bespoke pieces as well as those we think-up ourselves, we always try to present high fantasy fashion. Whether one is indeed traipsing through an event in something from our Butterfly Collection or simply looking for a sexy catsuit, the Dawnamatrix ethos is to present the very best latex couture to fuel, inform and display one’s love of the magic of life. Butterflies, fairies, dashing princes, a kimono-wearing cutie, a good old fashioned cosplayer…we welcome all to the Dawnamatrix realm.

With a cover photo featuring model Imani Holland the new Beau-Nu proves to once again reveal its own brand of magic in fashion, editorial and beauty couture, this time with some Dawnamatrix Butterfly style.

See the magazine here:


But more importantly, buy Beau-NU here: https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/921754

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