In The End…It’s All About The Gown!

olivia_4Ah, the time is yet again upon us for June brides. At Dawnamatrix we are as happy to provide ready-to-wear latex bridal gowns as we are to work our magic across bespoke creations for a woman’s most special day. Let’s face it, if a bride-to-be is considering latex couture, she’s most probably a sassy lass, or at least looks at life through a multi-colored prism. In both the latex bridal collection we feature here or the many gowns we have rendered in partnership with women who come to us with dreams of what they want their gown to look like, we have found so much pleasure dressing women for their wedding day.

Here are some photographs of model Olivia Dantes wearing our Enchantment Wedding Gown. Olivia was shot by the wonderful Gina Barbara (her URL here). Gina was also responsible for Olivia’s hair and MUA for the shoot, talented lady that she is.

Once again: Dawnamatrix couture, a stunning model and a talented photographer…perfect together!olivia_10

There are just so many factors to a wedding that truly are beyond a bride and groom’s control. Even the best wedding planner on the planet can’t know exactly what we befell a couple on their wedding party (hopefully all the surprises are good ones). We work hard to not only create the very best wedding dress (in many ways the day is as much about the dress as anything else) but to also take as much worry off the bride as we can. She needs to have complete confidence that the dress she comes to us for, the gown we painstakingly work with her over during the course of many months prior to her weeding day, will be exactly what she wants and in the end she looks even better then she could ever imagined.

Certainly we want all our customers to look their very best when wearing Dawnamatrix latex couture but nowhere is this promise to alternative fashion quality more apparent than in the wedding dresses we create.



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