Dawnamatrix and Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex

MarbledUnderwireGownMainThe thing you all-too-quickly learn in studying (and working in) art in America is the many options available to men and women with artistic aspirations. From schooling, the apprenticeships, to scouring the Internet for connections and opinions really the field is wide open for us all looking to work with our hands and talents. If you are a designer working in the field of textile art or with specific materials-as we certainly do-you come to learn which fashion designers might be those you most want to emulate or those manufacturer(s) you might come to use. One of the many fine high-end latex companies we’ve come to and use often is the Yummy Gummy brand of sheet latex.

Yummy Gummy’s all hand-poured Sheet Latex was born out of the knowledge of a sheet latex company called Cyberdermis. The special high quality medical grade liquid latex is cosmetic safe with FDA approved colors. Yummy Gummy offers alternate wardrobe makers like us patterned, textured, galaxy, marbled and glittery latex (to name just some of what they make). You can see what we made with Yummy Gummy latex in our Marbled Underwire Gown and our Marble-button-down.

We create cosplay pieces, custom made costume designs and fetish clothing. We have fashioned steampunk outfits and of course consistently work to create the one-of-a-kind latex kimonos that are our specialty. But it is as much the designs we can dream up as it is the materials we can come to rely on that informs what we do. Endeavoring to create clothing that is arresting and beautiful as it is strong (and with latex it is very important that our pieces can stand the wear and tear of wearing) we use latex like the kind Yummy Gummy makes to present out very best.

We are so very lucky indeed to have cultivated the relationship we have with a latex manufacturer like Yummy Gummy.






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