Superheroes, Cosplay, Latex Costumes… Oh My: Fantasy Costumes Are Upon Us Again

Dawnamatrix_Latex_Fashion_Green_LanternYes, summer is coming and with it another round of big blockbusters. There will be comedies and romances for sure, but the alternate wardrobe designer’s heart beats over the spate of superhero movies we know are coming. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has just been released, a second Spiderman movie will swing on in May 2nd and there are X-Men, the noir vibe of another Sin City and quite a few more films promising a goodly amount of spandex, leather and latex in our future. Really, there will be fantasy costumes just about everywhere in the next few months…we couldn’t be happier.

In addition to and in some ways because of these films the infamous San Diego Comic Con will once again explode in full color ejaculation (on July 24-27th  to be exact). Talk about costumes! These few days see more Cosplay, costuming and geek fandom than anywhere else (thought there is a smaller Comic Con that runs into NYC in September.)

Maybe you fetishize about tight textured second-skin outfits rippling and pulling across the finely sculpted bodies of a Chris Hemsworth or a Scarlett Johansson. Are you one of those folks who set out to replicate a costume or two for your own amusement or to show off at a convention? Do you attempt home movie-making enlisting friends as both actors and crew to wear and fashion your costuming? Could you be a manufacturer of costume couture and latex fashion clothing? Why or however you might take to this world of hyper realism, fantasy play and oh-so-sexy couture it has all been ‘mainstreamed’ into our culture now. To be sure the stories, characters and artwork were always great (as even a causal reader knows) but comics, graphic novels, vampires and zombies and Steampunk (see of our Steampunk designs here have been appropriated into our every day.

It reminds one of that scene in the Wizard of Oz-a decidedly grand old fantasy film with some spectacular costuming-where Dorothy, Tin Man and Scarecrow repeat the chant of “Lions, Tigers, Bears oh my” just before meeting the Cowardly Lion. These days once could just as easily say “Superheros, Cosplay, Latex Costumes…Oh My!”

But say it with a smile.


Picture credits: Kev Cool photographer/location Frost Ice Bar, Boston, MA.

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