Come to the Kimono: The Dawnamatrix Specialty, on Display In Our Store and in Exhibits.

CustKimonoMainWorking with costume designers like Sanja Milkovic Hays, models like Amber Heard, photographers like Araki or Erik Von Gutenberg we are fully aware of the avant-garde sexy world that we skirt (sometimes actually in skirts!) But for us Kimono design and Japanese traditions in general are the very apotheosis of the fine art we create.  Thinking latex couture one might not instantly picture-or think to custom order a Kimono but here at Dawnamatrix the latex Kimono is truly are our specialty.

Our main designer/CEO Dawn lived for many years in Japan and studied Kimono design and wear. To say her study and love of the culture and the unique history- rich garment seeped into her artistry would be an understatement. With this background it is no surprise that after the terrible tsunami of 2011 we held a fundraiser for Japan, managed a kimono performance at the Boston Children’s museum, continue to place our pieces in exhibits and create new Kimono designs all the time.

Not every designer has a specialty. Lots of time a house latches on to one kind of item that they excel in. We have seen plenty of manufacturers, both small and large, gain a reputation for specific color usage as much as design. Other times a fashion house may try their hand in a lot of different pies and pluck up a winner every single time. Working in latex design as we do, we regard accessories as well as clothing as our stock-in-trade, but time and again the Kimono reigns supreme as our ultimate expression.

Whether at a fashion exhibition or as one of our custom order pieces, Dawnamatrix’s complete artful expression is the Kimono. We invite you to search through the many latex kimonos on our site:

And take a peak at our kimono guide for ordering

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