Dawnamatrix and Sharon Stone

e12ec780843da40562eb745e85c3cbe5_largeOnce again we got to outfit a star. This time it wasn’t Beyoncé (‘name dropper’ I hear you cry) but none other than Basic Instincts’ femme fatale Sharon Stone. In “L’Officiel Australia Magazine”’s February 2015 issue the Casino leading lady is wearing Dawnamatrix latex Wrist Length Gloves and Classic Leggings (you can be just like her and grab both items, here: https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/accessories/wrist-length-gloves-2/ and here: https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/bottoms/classic-leggings-2/)

We were so thrilled to be contacted by stylist Amy Mach for this legendary opportunity, for not only appearing in L’Officiel once again (we were in L’Officiel Singapore’s November 2014 issue, see here, thanks to Amy) but also for the chance to see our wares modeled by a modern screen goddess.

Sharon Stone is one of those classic Hollywood actresses, on the order of any of the famous women whose names are the stuff of movie lore. As you see here Ms. Stone, now 56, reveals a stunning languid beauty, her gloved hands (yes, those are our gloves!) so expressive, her perfectly structured face full of as much character as beauty, her body (back and front on display here) as stunning as ever. As a designer your wildest dreams feature men and women of inner and outer elegance modeling your clothing, fantastic characters sporting unique personalities, people known far and wide as much for their physical presence as for what they have managed to achieve in their lives. f40590d34fa51f72092a785530767037_large

Sharon Stone is an icon of this order.

With Twiggy ‘returning‘ at 65 to front a “L’Oréal Professionnel” campaign, acting roles for women over 40 gaining accolades at the latest award shows and the obvious allure of ladies like Sharon Stone, beauty is obviously well available and timeless on women of any age, of any station and wearing whatever she damn well pleases…though we couldn’t be happier that Ms. Stone is wearing Dawnamatrix here in L’Officiel Australia’s February 2015 issue.

Thanks again to Amy Mach, (you can find Amy here: https://www.amymach.com/celebrity), L’Officiel Australia and the timeless Miss Sharon Stone.


Hair: Giann Andrea

Makeup: Melanie Inglessis

Image with pants:

Shirt- Ulyana Sergeenko

Coat – Christian Dior

Belt – Anthony Franco

Pants- Dawnamatrix

Necklace – Carole Tanenbaum

Photographs: Jack Waterlot

Couture: Cover outfit by Iris Van Herpen



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