Amber Rose’s Monokini: Big World Problem

amber rose monokiniIt’s not the first time we have seen so much of model/rapper/mom Wiz Khalifa’s ex. But the Amber Rose’s Instagram-ed pics of last week, which she captioned “Fleekin,” “MILFIN,” “Slayin” and “Stifler’s Mom” caused quite a sensation. Yes, the black monokini the lady wears is tiny, and the follow-up pic this week of Amber in a just as skimpy 2-piece sitting atop of a jet ski shows lots of her also, but in the end, it’s just another curvy female celeb showing-off her curves, is it not?

Amber claims her post birthing bod is the result of a regiment of good dieting and yoga, so it could be said she is inspiring a host of mom’s worrying about baby weight gain. But celebrity is about consistent visibility and these pictures Amber took-at least the first round of the bikini pics-were also about the lady keeping herself in the constant public eye.

Is it conceit, keepin-up-with-the-masses, a celebrity’s duty, or just how we all roll these days that sees such a tsunami of Instagram pics, ‘selfies’, and Twitter posting?

The backlash to the Instagram snaps was instant of course, with lots of the public opining that a mom should not be conducting herself in such a manner. Amber responded with yet another pic (see below) and even a video. It seems the pictures began and perpetuate the conversation, even if Amber is battling lots of ‘haters’ at this point.

It’s all a decidedly trivial back-and-forth petard when one considers the terrible consequences of the visuals Charlie Hebdo published. Keeping things in this perspective, mother Amber Rose revealing her curves in little swimsuits is a small world problem really, if a problem at all. And you know how we feel about revealing one’s self, just check out our or our or our

You’ve no doubt heard the saying “Real women have curves?” Well, it seems some women like to show them off…even across Instagram.


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