Cardi b., The Met And The Erotic Heritage Museum Have you Covered

Social distancing and self-quarantining continue, but that doesn’t mean latex fashions, lingerie mix-and-matching, big-time fashion events, celebrity postings, and yes, even a little sex-positivity, stops. Below are some of our favorite stories from the beginning of this week.

During the last two months or so, we have seen plenty of celebrities logging lots of time across Twitter, Instagram, etc. Showing off make-up free selfies, at-home haircutting (sometimes to admitted less-than-stellar results), and even bedroom fashion shows, nothing seems off-limits. Just this week, the infamous Cardi B. (who has certainly been known to sport a wide range of wardrobe choices, from latex outfits to spandex, leather, and lingerie) celebrated her house-lounging with hubby Offset. In the sexy picture, she posted just this week Cardi is wearing the ultimate in athleisure wear; metallic-shiny biker shorts, and a white bra top.

Although no one will see it in-person anytime soon, Hamish Bowles has written, and Annie Leibovitz has provided the pictures, for a “See the Costume Institute’s New (though Postponed) Show About Time” article on Vogue’s online portal. We referenced this version of the 2020 museum fashion exhibition that usually coincides with the Met Gala, back in this blog and in the new article, Leibovitz reveals a good deal of what one would see at the Met presently. From a Charles James black satin Tulip dress to the fantastic bustle (covered and not) on a dress from the late 1880s to so many other spectacular haute couture choices, this Met show is indeed a breathtaking step through time.

Lastly (and here’s the sexy little piece of this blog), here’s another museum tour you can take from your home. Surely different than what’s at the Met presentint, our friends at Las Vegas’ sex-positive, one-of-a-kind Erotic Heritage Museum are offering this virtual tour for any who has never been or wants to take yet another stroll through the EHM (see here). Over 18, please.

Let’s enjoy Cardi, the Met, the Erotic Heritage Museum, as we all take a breath over our present circumstances.

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