Caitlyn Jenner II Mac Cosmetics: All Races, All Ages, All Sexes Instagram Backlash

Caitlyn Jenner II Mac Cosmetics: All Races, All Ages, All Sexes Instagram Backlash

The New Year might not be starting off with any spectacular latex couture news, but one of our better-known celebrities is marking January 2017 with some fashion doings. Caitlyn Jenner’s new collection with Mac cosmetics, their Caitlyn Jenner II collection is now available, and both the company and arguably the most famous Jenner, is seeing some attention…good and bad.

This isn’t Caitlyn’s first foray with Mac. Last year Mac unveiled their Caitlyn Jenner-inspired “Finally Free” rose-colored lipstick. The company and Caitlyn have slipped into the New Year expanding their product collaboration, the Caitlyn Jenner II line contains more lipstick colors, pencils for both lips and eyes, eye shadow and lip finish. A modest collection to be sure, not in any way unusual or alternative even, but what garnered Mac and Jenner so much attention this week was the 869,420 views and nearly 3000 comments recorded and posted ever since Caitlyn posted the picture you see here on Instagram, saying: The next part of my collaboration with @maccosmetics is coming on Jan 5th!! I’m excited for EVERYONE (all races. all ages. all sexes) to fearlessly rock these shades into 2017 #happynewyear #maccaitlynjenner.

There is no denying the reach and power of Instagram. For celebrity fashion and beauty products as well as just about anything else anyone wants to sell, social media aids and abets like no other platform. But modern social media/advertising modules also allow for a direct conduit to the public. And given the freedom and forum to speak one’s mind, often time people feel they should, even when they don’t have something nice to say. And as has always been the way, reports this week needed to mention more the negative comments to Caitlyn Jenner’s Instagram Mac post then they did any positive. It becomes a ‘backlash,’ a full on ‘shaming’ moment (pick whatever term works best for you) when, in fact, the bad news outshines the good even if the bad might have been in the minority of postings.

In the end, Caitlyn and Mac can’t be surprised and their Caitlyn Jenner II line is sure to find customers.

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