Caitlyn Jenner, ESPYS and that damn sexy Atelier Versace gown

2A98F03D00000578-3164622-image-a-11_1437088499402[1]On this crowd it was lots of shiny suits and women wearing dresses for one of the few times in their lives, not so much latex clothing. Still the ESPYS were darn fun to watch with all its glitz and cheese-y attempts at comedy, and the big roll out of Caitlyn Jenner accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Arguably what gave Tuesday night’s show its huge viewing share, was even the mildly curious wanting to catch the new Miss Jenner in her first planned televised appearance…and speech. And while celeb directors like Peter Berg can cast aspersions across his Facebook page, and contrarily transgendered folk cheer Jenner’s courage we here at Dawnamatrix surely don’t want gloss over…that great dress!

Poised and perfect in an ivory colored Atelier Versace, with Beladora emerald, pearl and diamond earrings, Caitlyn’s lean frame was set off perfectly. And though the lady looked stunning (really one of our would look so smashing on a woman with such long legs), she did manage to quip the first minute or so standing on stage:

Picking out this outfit — okay, girls, I get it! You got to get the shoes, the hair, the makeup, the whole process. It was exhausting. And next, the fashion police — please be kind on me. I’m new at this.

Certainly her appearance at the ESPY awards, the film clip preamble to it showing Bruce’s Olympic glories, and the commercial for Jenner’s E! show I AM Cait shown post it gives muscle to the critics who claim this was all done for publicity. Still one can’t help be stirred by a speech where C.J. simply whittled down her point to: “…a very simple idea: accepting people for who they are. Accepting people’s differences.”

And yes, there was that dress and how fine this courageous lady looked on this very special night.


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