Avanatgardista Leads With a Roadshow

I really wish we had the time to attend all the latex couture and fetish clothing events happening around the world. For us, as we are sure it is for you, it’s a question of time mostly, trying to fit in all that you do for work, all that you want do to for pleasure and seeing how/if and when you can mix the two. Luckily, the Dawnamatrix team have gotten out and around to lots of what we wanted to experience and participate in, and have a few events coming that we might get to. The Avanatgardista Weekend, something we have reported on before, will surely prove to be a big event that we will most likely wish we could have attended. But even before this 2nd annual fetish fashion meet-up in Munich in October, there was the AVANTGARDISTA ROADSHOW.

The Roadshow, which ran last weekend, 8/3 and 8/4, featured six Avantgardista designers offering shopping opportunities for latex couture, steampunk accessories, head pieces, and alternate under garments. It was a ‘pop up event,’ as we have seen often now in the fashion field, held at Bocksdornstraße 17 just about a mile from last year’s Avantgardista event hotel, the Leonardo Royal. A way to tickle the faithful of what is coming in two months’ time, as well as to get good buys. By all accounts the Roadshow was a resounding success.

And for those attending Avantgardista this year, the show has added 50% more designers (thirty now set to attend) with thirteen models-like Cat Atonia, Elena Lovebite, Hibiki, Mary Jale, and Sakura Sun-coming to work the runway and the parties. With SubRosaDictum producing and Fräulein Katzentanz and Ian Dutton hosting the fashion show, plus a Sven Hoffmann photographic exhibition plus all the usual parties spread across the weekend of October 19-21, this will indeed be one the major events of the year.

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