Part 3-Couture & Cars Fashion Show


Four out of the five pictures we are featuring here, in this last blog on showing our latex haute couture at the Couture & Cars Fashion Show, showcase the artistry of some of the photographers who were on hand two weekends ago at the event.


And as anyone who has ever attended a fetish event, runway fashion show, or even a meet-and-greet knows, picture taking is a very important part of the happening. Especially in this day and age where viral video and posted Instagram pics sell or at the very least, get the word out and around, designers, models, producers, and everybody else relies on seeing, posting and sharing pics.

Sure, we are mainly showing off what we wrought at the C&C here (we highlighted our “The New Flesh” wardrobe collection especially) but also we are hoping here to impress upon those who might be reading this and weren’t ‘up’ in  Tacoma two weekends ago, what a cool spot the LeMay is, how cool those cars looked and how a runway, set between them, made for such a cool display.

Yes, everything was very cool!

The ‘level playing field’ here, the runway actually just a cleared space of floor in the museum, not up higher than the audience, brought the models up close and personal in a way that other events can’t usually manage. Yes, it does make the models’ walk of a whole different order, but we found, in the two consecutive years we have shown at the C&C, that there is an intimacy when a runway is set like this, or on a back patio, or even on the street between a close, pressed-in crowd.


Picture 2: Jessica Drake

Picture 3: Erik Christensen

Picture 4: Thomas A. Cannuli

Picture 5: Jared Ribic

Slightly off the mark from the above, but news that just came in, the full list of finalists for the 2018 WorldofWearable Art Show has been posted, see them here. As we have already blogged, we are so very honored to be among the finalists this year in two categories.



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