"Are We Not Men?" We Are Kardashian

So, Kim Kardashian is going to publish (a hardcover) book of selfies. It seems she has saved a number of pictures that simply did not make the grade for her Instangram account and she’s even hinted that a few of the sexier shots she sent to Kayne back in the day may be included. And although “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski commented about all this with a  “And we wonder why we’re in decline?” quip we should be remind how very close we are to Kim. That old Devo refrain (which was actually from The Island of Doctor Moreau) of “Are We Not Men?” (and I will include women here of course) could be very well answered these days by: “We are Kardashian.”

“We’re also including my iconic bikini selfie that everyone freaked out about,” Kim said about her book and true anyone speaking about themselves either Golem-like in the 3rd person or making a claim to something ‘ionic’ (it’s like calling yourself a genius) is kinda icky, still aren’t most of us tweeting, Instagram-ming, taking selfies, posting on Facebook, blogging about all the mundane stuff we are getting into? Kim, her mom, Bruce Jenner, her sisters all just gets more mileage then you and I because they are celebs, you see more about them because they are in the public eye and are basically in the public eye, are celebrities, because they are seen a lot. But is the desire to have the world see, hear, notice anyone of us any different then Kim’s desire?

We see-and-be-scenesters of the latex sect like to preen, flash and model. Check out pictures and video (when they are allowed) from any kink event and you’re sure to see lots of us all striking poses. Look across any number of Facebook pages (or on that kinky Facebook Fetlife) and you will see any number of mild to the wild selfies. Why are people taking these pics…to share celebrate, connect, be somebody to the other bodies out there. In the modern age of being able to be seen and heard just about anytime we wish, we’re all getting into the grabbing-some-attention game.

Certainly it’s our business to create attention grabbing outfits, from Hakam Pants, a Halter Pedal Gown w Train   or even with the subtle accessory of some Fingerless Opera Gloves. But dressed in high alternate couture or simply taking a selfie for a Twitter account, let us all not forget, we are not so very different then Kim Kardashian in needing to be recognized.

KIm Kardashian in latex

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