Dawnamatrix and Beyoncé at the 2014 VMA’s: Perfect Together

Beyoncé, Jay Z’s lady, Blue Ivy’s mom…no matter what name you know her by, you certainly know the lady. Well she just connected with Dawnamatrix in a big way.

Beyoncé’s stylist, Marni Serofonte just ordered 71 garments from us for Miss Bey’s dancers for Sunday’s VMA’s! We’re deep in the work zone as you can no doubt expect (and with our new line coming out at the end of the month at Montreal Fetish Weekend, plus regular customer orders we were pretty busy to begin with) but to say we are thrilled with this honor would be the understatement of the summer. We have worked with pop divas before. Pink and Katy Perry instantly come to mind, and we have had our designs on hand for big events, from fashion shows to music award ceremonies but the VMA’s is pretty much an alternative fashion designer’s dream. And getting our latex unmentionables this close to a star of Beyoncé’s caliber is absolutely thrilling.

Beyoncé is going to receive MTV’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award Sunday night and she is also nominated for 8 awards at this year’s VMA’s show. Marni Serofonte saw our styles when we supplied Andrew Richardson for a shoot with Linda Evangelista just recently and Beyoncé’s stylist liked what she saw enough to reach out to us. Now here we are working our little crafty fingers to render the 4D high grade quality U.K.-imported latex into the various items called for and put them in the mail tomorrow for the VMA rehearsals and the show airing live for Los Angeles this Sunday.

How cool is that?

Yes, we might be bragging a bit, but God we are thrilled to be part of all these very cool festivities and to be supplying Beyoncé’s crew. Sharing great news with you, our friends, fans, clients and family is so special because without your support and patronage through our lifespan we would have never gotten to the point where we could step up and have Beyoncé step into our couture.

Celebrate with us by watching the VMA’s this Sunday on MTV at 9pm.

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