All Worship The Queen Of Carnage

Opera with kink, fetish clothing and projections…how could you beat this night out in old London Town? ETERNUS PRODUCTIONS presents Sobriety Twist and her talented minions in Queen of Carnage at The Space. With none other than Ian McKellen one of the better-known patrons behind this intimate theater space@269 Westferry Road, Isle Of Dogs, E14 3RS, this particular Queen is set for a short but impressive reign at just the right spot between 4/11-4/15.

Using Purcell’s Opera Dido & Aeneas Sobriety presents seventy-five minutes celebrating female empowerment and creativity, encompassing performance, film, digital imagery, installation art, soundscape, live music wrapped up in a very sexy modern adaptation. The performers joining the mistress here are well-versed in solo and multi-artist presentations, having worked at fringe theater spaces as well as alternative events throughout the community. The talent here includes artists Zoe Rixon, Emma Blackwood, Paul Blackwood, Amy Kingsmill and Gerry Black. Featured musician Peter Hodgkinson plays violin to Sobriety Twist’s vocals and her leading the narrative.  

Of course, in a show like this, all the components Sobriety can pull in are quite important. Specifically speaking about the costume designs for Queen of Carnage, the mistress admits using another very talented person, someone very close to her indeed:

“My mother who is a skilled seamstress and who has designed some of my Victorian costumes in the past was just the other day helping me with the all important cloak.” but she adds:  “We also have a costumer whose fantastical with headdresses and accessories.”

Queen of Carnage is 75 minutes of multi-discipline visual, sound and a well-thought out narrative of a subject most would consider ‘alternative’ to what we usually see in a theatre setting. As Sobriety tells us, she wants audiences to “throw away their preconceptions and come to see the work.” And you can do just that by going here for tickets:

We can’t recommend enough that you grab tickets for this “decadent, dark and at times light-hearted descent into the world of BDSM through the eyes of a Dominatrix.”

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