Winning AT WOW, 2023

Humans have changed tremendously in just a thousand years. What will we be in another thousand years? Will we become just another folk tale?


We are proud to announce that Dawnamatrix will be the feature designer and presenting our latex couture at the Dallas Fetish Ball, which happens from November 12th-to the 12th.

Will Julia Fox Deliver Some Primetime Latex Couture?

And at the end of the week, the thirty-three-year-old star wore heart-trimmed bespoke leather nipple covers with a cage-deigned corset, accessorizing with low-rise leather leggings, all from designer Seks.

What They Wore @ The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards

For the boys of the night, NLE Choppa wore a purple fringed suede two-piece suit, and all-male group Tomorrow x Together, this their first VMAs, were in a variety of black, white, and tan oversized suits.

Caroline Wozniack Is Blue

Wozniacki has played with and enjoyed her sense of sartorial style off the court as well, appearing at award show appearances in sexy sparkly gowns as much as for Sports Illustrated swimsuits. This lady tennis star proves that there really are so many ways we can all look great in the clothes we wear, no matter where we wear them and what they are made of.