Vancouver Fetish Weekend-Part 2

It’s true that alternate couture is a global pursuit. Even if we could exercise our most selfish business druthers we would still want to see a marketplace with all the latex designers presently available showing their wares across the net, at shows, and in stores. It’s a more-the-merrier atmosphere we have always felt and if you were to take a cross-section opinion from most designers, they’d admit they feel the same. Given this, we are still very proud to say we are an American-based (North Pacific America in fact) and were thrilled to share our designs with, as much as meet, all the fetish-y faithful from the area. Surely folks came from all over for the VFW, but there was no way ignore where we all were.

Vancouver Fetish Weekend-Part 1

While Vancouver has a vibrant local fetish community, they are expanding each year to create an international sensation. The organizer at VFW said “This festival has been growing like blazes and this year everyone was talking about how it really felt like it had stepped up big time to a whole new international level”. We certainly saw that cross section of people in the nearly 500 who were at the fashion show Saturday night.

A Dawnamatrix Summer: Vancouver Fetish Weekend, Seattle Fashion Week and the Fetish Fashion Party in Copenhagen

We’ll be making our west coast debut at Vancouver Fetish Weekend, 7/21-7/24. Hundreds of local and global fetish enthusiasts from all over the world will come to the long weekend and celebrate with an international community of fetish partiers, performers, models, designers, artists and photographers. Opening with the Scarlet Harlots Fetish Ball at the newly renovated The Imperial, followed by the Fetish and Fantasy Ball the very next night then both The Extreme Players Fetish Cruise and the Sleaze and Tease Player’s Ball after the cruise as the ending party, there will be plenty happening here for anyone’s tastes.