Where Do Old Stage Costumes Go?

Be they a pair of latex pants, Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier Cone Bra, or Elvis’ Nudie Gold Lame’ Suit, there are plenty of iconic costumes that our biggest stars have worn currently displayed in a museum.

Remembering Tempest Storm

As 2021 speeds by, we are as much considering the big questions, like where COVID-19 is taking us, to small, who is wearing what specific piece of latex couture, and how well they might be wearing it. But we really can’t let another week flitter away without noticing the death of Annie Blanche Banks. Or …


Britney Spears Doing It Solo In Self-Quarantined

Would any of us be surprised to find some latex, lace, or maybe even a short pleaded skirt in Britney Spears’ closest? Well, this week, we all had a chance to have a look-see what’s hiding in Spears’ back stash when she held a solo, at home, undoubtedly small-scale fashion show on Instagram showing-off some …