The DawnamaTrix ‘Black Friday through Cyber Monday Holiday Sale’

Joining in on all the mayhem and madness that is shopping this time of year, Dawnamatrix is offering a massive sale on our latex couture…right now! Our Black Friday through Cyber Monday Holiday Sale is live, and we invite you to check out all we are offering at our site: All you need do is …


Latex Colors

The color choices we offer have certainly increased over the years, to very much like what you might find in a common Easter Basket. Just some of the colors on our list include: Orange, Plum, Vibrant Pink, Yellow Jade, various Pearl Sheen colors and Transparents, not to mention all the various leopard prints, textured latex (clearly evident in the Space & Time collection we debuted in August of last year) scales and splatter designers we sell.

Don’t hesitate to dream your bespoke fantasies in high Technicolor. Or rock your black, whi