Latex Colors

easter eggYes Virginia, latex does come in colors and yes Dawnamatrix can deliver.

With Spring in the air, Easter and Passover passing, the warmer weather coming to many areas and the various beginning-of-the-year fashion weeks now come and gone styles, cuts, colors, accessorizing couture is either seeing a natural rebirth of older styles (some decades old) or whole new ‘birthing’ of others. And though specific color popularity comes and goes yearly, one fact stays constant…color is always in, in some fashion.

Let the layman believe latex fashion aficionados care for only black. Don’t your own desires cover the full spectrum from see-thru, to a goodly amount of basic black, to as much a penchant for pastels? As we are coming to see year after year the discerning latex buyer, as well as just the casual fantasy wardrobe fan, are looking for more color in what they buy. Surely, the basic black bodysuit will never go out of style-and some of us will only ever step-out in black-but from our experience, and what we have prided ourselves in what we offer, texture and color are more in vogue than ever before.

The color choices we offer have certainly increased over the years, to very much like what you might find in an Easter Basket. Just some of the colors on our list include: Orange, Plum, Vibrant Pink, Yellow Jade, various Pearl Sheen colors and Transparents, not to mention all the various leopard prints, textured latex (clearly evident in the Space & Time collection we debuted in August of last year) scales and splatter designs we sell.BUTTERFLY_CORSET

Don’t hesitate to dream your bespoke fantasies in high Technicolor. Or rock your black, white, see-thru to your heart’s content. There is room in the basket for both white and dark chocolate bunnies as well as all those colorful jellybeans.

See the entire list of Dawnamatrix color choices here.

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