Behind-The-Scenes at Cars and Couture 2018

hen there are photographers on hand (some whose work you see here, others we will showcase in our next blog) to capture the moments. Of course there are the designers giving of their talents and our beautiful, work-til-they-drop models, all making what happens out on the floor an immediate success.

Couture & Cars Fashion Show, 2018

For two years in a row now, we have had such a wonderful time showing our latex couture and meeting such fantastic people, at one of the premier mix cultural events, the Couture & Cars Fashion Show. Sure, we all know how sleek cars and sexy models have become a staple in our culture, more or less from the 50’s on up. But this show, held for the 2nd year at the LeMay-America’s Car Museum, set the whole idea of cars and fashion to a whole other level.

The 2nd Annual Couture & Cars Fashion Show

To be sure, the cars are any amazing accompaniment to the couture and does make the Couture & Cars Fashion Show certainly something we love to be part of. The visual allure of vintage and modern exotic sportscars with models walking a runway among them is a match made in alt. fashion heaven. We know for instance, that the World of WerableArt’s museum, all the way over in New Zealand, featured a match-up of fashion designer’s clothing (our winning one included) with cars just recently and Mr. Bailey’s assumption that more men do attend these shows seems to be born out time and again when we have seen our couture matched with car culture.

Cars And Couture Fashion Show Video

We love presenting our pieces in none traditional fashion show spots. Inside or out, down a delineated runway, across cobblestones, in the wide expanse of a Car Museum, serpentine through hot cars, the intersection of fashion and culture is what we are all about.

The 2017 Cars & Couture Fashion Show

This country’s youth culture was basically built on hot girls, hotrod cars, and the sexy sleek sensibility of rock and roll. Ever-changing styles in hair, make-up and dress influenced generations. Seeing how latex is becoming so mainstream it’s no surprise to encounter the marriage of great American institutions that the 2017 Cars & Couture Fashion Show represents.