The 2nd Annual Couture & Cars Fashion Show

Once again latex meets hot cars, and we are involved, in the second-annual Couture & Cars Fashion Show happening at the LeMay — America’s Car Museum, on July 21, in Tacoma.

Dawnamatrix is just one of six Northwest clothing designers that will show haute couture this night. Along with us Chany Venturini, Designs by Thor, Heidi Fish Swimwear, Lisa Marie Couture, and Sovannary En Couture will reveal their stunning wardrobe pieces. Accessory designers Annxannxdesign and Namiko Abloom will also will be featured.

The Couture & Cars show is the flagship event for producer Fashion District, NW. As David Bailey, of Fashion District NW says: “This is the only couture-only fashion show in the region.” He also adds another important characteristic of this fashion show that brings in maybe more male attendees then some others: “(Also) a museum full of beautiful cars helps us attract more men to this fashion show then other shows.”

To be sure, the cars are any amazing accompaniment to the couture and does make the Couture & Cars Fashion Show certainly something we love to be part of. The visual allure of vintage and modern exotic sportscars with models walking a runway among them is a match made in alt. fashion heaven. We know for instance, that the World of WerableArt’s museum, all the way over in New Zealand, featured a match-up of fashion designer’s clothing (our winning one included) with cars just recently and Mr. Bailey’s assumption that more men do attend these shows seems to be born out time and again when we have seen our couture matched with car culture.

Fashion District NW is expecting about 400 people this year, and is already looking to the future. They hope the event continues annually, the unique mixing of cultural touchstones-fashion and fashionable cars-something that people in the North West will come to expect and desire.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., a DJ will supply music, cocktails will be served and attendees can pose for their own red carpet photos before the show.

Tickets are $35-$65 and increase by $5 at the door. Buy tickets at

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