So, back to Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015: Day 2

We got to show-off our butterfly latex collection in all its splendor, it was wonderful to see the pieces on stage together telling our particular story. Richard and Holy lead the “Harbingers of Fantasy” piece with their lively entrance, wearing their perfectly fitted latex couture with lasers flowing from their fingertips. Then we had a cycle of performers and of course our stunning queen, cloaked as she was in her robe waiting for just the right moment for her assistants to help her reveal her gown.

Playing and Partying At 2015 Montreal Fetish Weekend: LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL

There are plenty of men and women who attend Montreal Fetish Weekend to see, wear and enjoy wonderful latex clothing (which we can promise you will be on hand), but there is so much beyond the fantasy fashions that occur during the weekend. One such occurrence is the LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL happening on Saturday September 5th.

This grand costumed affair features Hollywood “Red Carpet” glamour in a fetish fantasy theme. And though latex fashion is featured, LATEXTACY-like all of the MFW-is full of love for anything partiers wish to wear, from leather, to pvc, lingerie and any and all kinds of Xdressing.