World of WearableArt Up Close

As you may have read in this blog, The World Of WearableArt has been very good to our latex designs. We won awards in 2019, ‘18, and ’17 at the competition and they continue to support us and all the other designers who enter by showcasing our work beyond their yearly competition. We just received …


The World Of Wearable Art, 2020

For the past three years preparing the latex wardrobe creations we submit to the World of Wearable Art competition, we are always amazed how quickly the time speeds by. One WOW competition ends, and it seems we are all-too-soon getting some things ready for the next. In keeping us all on the jump of things, we just …


Tokyo, New Zealand, America: Global Latex Trotting

I’m heading to Tokyo in the next weeks for some fresh inspiration on our latex couture…and life. We’re ready to soak in the Harajuku and cosplay culture, and, as they have in the past, the plum blossoms of early spring will surely greet us with their startling and colorful beauty. Stay tuned for some pictures …


Lady Ethereal @ The National WOW Museum & Nelson Classic Car Collection

Winning for our latex couture two years in a row at WOW was such a thrill for us (as we told you here). But the World of WearableArt Exhibition is like the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. We just received word, that one of our winning outfits is being exhibited at the National WOW Museum & Nelson Classic Car Collection in Nelson.