Part 3-Couture & Cars Fashion Show

The ‘level playing field’ here, the runway actually just the cleared space in the museum, not up higher than the audience, brings the models up close and personal in a way that other events can’t usually manage. Yes, it does make the models’ walk on a whole different order, but we found now, in the two consecutive years we have shown at the C&C, that there is an intimacy when a runway is set like this, or on a back patio, or even on the street between a close pressed in crowd.

Dawnamatrix Rising

In an interview by Abby Luschei, in a piece called “The Rising Of Dawn”, I give forth on all I can about the specific sexy haute couture I make and how I first came to make it. We as much cover how one can spice up their wardrobe, tackle the concept of what fetish fashion is and get into my studying kimono fashions when I lived and taught in Japan. Being a Seattle-based magazine, Abby also got my take on living and working here in the great Northwest of the U.S.