Aniston Freed!

In recent months it hasn’t as much been a piece of latex wardrobe or any alternative fashion accessory that has gained trending traction across the web. As to be expected, given the end-of-year-into-the-new Hollywood award season shows, pretty much haute couture is getting the most attention. Shows like The Golden Globes, and the upcoming Oscars …


Black Color Fashion

This past week American fashion seems to be have run ‘in the black’…good and bad. Jennifer Aniston donned the classic LBD at the People Magazine Awards in L.A and was applauded for her fashion sense (and figure) in blog-o-sphere headlines and online pictures. While Kim Kardashian blasted her mom Kris Jenner for wearing her signature black, what the Kim called “Omish sh—t” outfits of late (she probably meant Amish, right?).