The Fetish Subculture Documentary Hits A Milestone

Director/producer/director Carl Simard has also been working the festival circuit with the movie. It is presently lining up for, or has been shown, in four festivals around the world. There was a the Fetisch Film Festival in Kiel Germany where the movie played in Nov. 2014, the Roma Fetish Film Festival in Rome, Italy, where it was showed in February just passed, at the Copenhagen Fetish Film Festival just this week and an upcoming showing at the Best of German Fetish Film Festival 2015, in London England on May 13th.

The FETISH Subculture Documentary

Hoping to demystify fetishism by using the fetish community’s p.o.v. Carl’s documentary-which team Dawnamatrix is part of-is aimed to serve as “a first contact between the fetish world and the educated general public.” Begun in spring 2011 and completed this year, Carl truly lets the people in our community-models, designers, photographers, event producers, painters and filmmakers –speak for themselves about their lives, their ideas and their particular passions.