When Real Life Meets Cosplay On Morning TV

re is the dividing line between fiction and fact, virtual and real, and cosplay and couture these days? Janelle Monáe is certainly challenging all of these (and more) expectations.

Couture and Statements At The 92nd Academy Awards

This year the haute couture seen at the 92nd Academy Awards was a night of silhouettes over skin and statements woven into style; alas, there were no latex styles on hand. Culture royalty walked the red carpet in their finest frockery, sat adoring one another during the three-hour-plus celebration, and partied the night away (and …


Latex Couture 2019, Part 1

In her fashion review of Paris haute couture spring lines, reported at the end of January, Venessa Friedman offered this question as her article’s title: Latex at Givenchy and Chaos at Margiela. Is This the New Oscar Dressing? Both houses revealed models walking the famous runway in various latex outfits and accessories. And so, it comes to that …


Good Old Alt. Couture At The 2019 Grammys

All good things do indeed come to those who wait where latex couture and alternate wardrobe is concerned. This past Sunday the 2019 Grammys finally gave us what we have been hoping for in a prominent entertainment industry award show, lots of exciting wardrobe designs and wild textile art to salivate over.

Grimes returns (wearing latex) in “We Appreciate Power”

Over the past year Grimes announced across Instagram that she wasn’t going to be releasing any new music “anytime soon,” as she saw it, “the music industry is trash.” She did though collaborate during the year with Janelle Monáe, Poppy and Loona. And of course, her relationship with Tesla’s top man did not go unnoticed. Such public scrutiny does not always the best art make, but Grimes is showing how she’s beating back the odds on staid celebrity with “We Appreciate Power.”