The 2017 Her Universe Fashion Show

Yes, the latex costumes do manage to sneak in, but generally it’s a full cornucopia of latex, PVC lace, leather and pretty much anything else you can care to name that makes the cosplay scene. At San Diego’s Comic-Con 2017, attendees are showing up in all kinds of imaginative homemade wear and for the 4th year in a row Hot Topic and Her Universe celebrated this fantasy fashion at the 2017 Her Universe Fashion Show.

2016’s Comic-Con International: San Diego…Dressing Up Is All The Rage

For those in more of a masquerade dress-up mood (and maybe our Epic Ringleader Trench would do well for such an even?) HBO will present Comic-Con’s 42nd (yes 42nd, you read that right!) Annual Masquerade. This is where the lace hits the steampunk (and lots of other combinations to be sure) during a certainly award-heavy night. People portray their favorite characters on a big elevated stage through comedy skits, lightsaber duels, songs and dance. With four video screens providing close-ups for the nearly four thousand who will attend the show in the ballroom (and for another two thousand more watching on projection screens outside it) the audience will be witness to solo and group costuming of cinema wardrobe and other fanciful dress. Master and Mistress of Ceremonies will be-once again- five-time Hugo Award-winning artists and writers Phil and Kaja Foglio.