Game of Thrones Premier Couture

However much we are blown away by the intrigue, melee, and magic. Whatever this last season of George R.R. Martin’s classic treats us to. We shan’t soon forget the show or moments like this fashionable high-end premier from the other night.

To Wear And Not To Wear: Game of Thrones Films Infamous Scene

There’s lots going on with this shaming of Cersei, it’s a very powerful moment from the George R.R. Martin book series. As has already been evidenced and applauded by fans of GOT, the scene will probably play out rather faithful to the book as the H.B.O. series so far has been very accurate to Martin’s vision. Viewers are certainly in for something that will make headlines when it airs, as much or more so than just talking about the scene being filmed now is making news.

The Game (of Thrones) Is Afoot Again…and Dawnamatrix Is Ready

Famous latex model Mosh recently modeled our Game of Thrones themed outfit. We’re celebrating the super popular H.B.O. series (and of course Mosh’s unique style) with the new season of Game of Thrones premiering this past week. Thinking dragons, swords, limb removal and of course super sexy Peter Dinklage we aren’t ‘playing’ games here at Dawnamatrix when it comes to our love for the H.B.O. series.