The Game (of Thrones) Is Afoot Again…and Dawnamatrix Is Ready

Dawnamtrix Game of ThronesFamous latex model Mosh recently modeled our Game of Thrones themed outfit. We’re celebrating the super popular H.B.O. series (and of course Mosh’s unique style) and the new season of Game of Thrones premiering this past week. Thinking dragons, swords, limb removal and of course super sexy Peter Dinklage we aren’t ‘playing’ games here at Dawnamatrix when it comes to our love for the H.B.O. series.

Though it’s been opening the door ever wider on its high unique fantasy, offering more than a fair amount of sexual congress and yes, lots of gore, one can’t help but notice the fantasy costumes on the George R.R. Martin-penned series. For a latex manufacturer, a fan or fashionista or just a passing fantasist (or Dinklage fan) how can one not notice the clothes these actors and actresses wear? Acutely true to the book series on which it is based, Game of Thrones takes every morsel of set, speech, action and yes those miraculous costumes very seriously indeed.

Having supplied latex for many a magazine, video or commercial shoot cinema we know how important realistic/startling costuming is. As it does in every other way, Game of Thrones leaves no castle stone un-turned when it comes to revealing the authenticity of its world. It’s this attention to production detailing that makes the show as popular as it is…oh yeah, the sex doesn’t hurt either.

Our Mosh tight skirt, dragon-like scaly textured latex top and color would be just perfect for slinking in to seduce some royals or to face a dragon. Just as we have plenty of skirts, pants, accessories on sale, we also have a selection of latex dragon scale garments in our collection as well as pieces with dragon fins.Dawnamatrix Dragon Scales

As always, here at Dawnamatrix the ‘game’ of latex designing is afoot and we always play that game to win.

Here’s the link to the Daenerys featured here.

Photo credit: Peter Gonzales Photography of Albuquerque for Licked Magazine

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