Dawnamatrix Rising

In an interview by Abby Luschei, in a piece called “The Rising Of Dawn”, I give forth on all I can about the specific sexy haute couture I make and how I first came to make it. We as much cover how one can spice up their wardrobe, tackle the concept of what fetish fashion is and get into my studying kimono fashions when I lived and taught in Japan. Being a Seattle-based magazine, Abby also got my take on living and working here in the great Northwest of the U.S.

Dawnamatrix And Animals: Vogue and Ville

Latex outfits and animals is what Dawnamatrix has been about most recently. While we jet on over to New Zealand for the Wearable Art Show (and yes, there will be pictures and stories about this trip coming here soon) we have also been involved with some feathery as well as tough-hided friends.