Stepping Out and Making Statements: Cher & Chris Hemsworth

Not that any everyday guy or gal would know this, but I guess we could assume by all we have seen of the yearly movie extravaganza, that there is a dress code celebrities keep to when walking the red carpet at Cannes. Just this week, actor Chris Hemsworth violated that ‘code’ when he appeared at the movie festival for his new movie Furiosa: A Mad …


Latex: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Really, any time is a good time for wearing, buying, ‘gifting’ latex (yes, it’s our job to say this, but we really do feel this way). With the mainstream coming to our side more and more each year, popular videos featuring every style imaginable, and not just latex, and the proliferation of designers and latex websites (and as we always say, competition just makes us all the better in the end) latex is here for all to enjoy…and give for the holidays ahead.