Caitlyn Jenner II Mac Cosmetics: All Races, All Ages, All Sexes Instagram Backlash

The New Year might not be starting off with any spectacular latex couture news, but one of our better-known celebrities is marking January 2017 with some fashion doings. Caitlyn Jenner’s new collection with Mac cosmetics, their Caitlyn Jenner II collection is now available, and both the company and arguably the most famous Jenner, is seeing …


Caitlyn Jenner, ESPYS and that damn sexy Atelier Versace gown

Certainly her appearance at the ESPY”s, the film clip pre-amble it showing Bruce’s Olympic glories, and the commercial for Jenner’s E! show I AM Cait shown post it gives muscle to the critics who claim this was all done for publicity. Still one can’t help be stirred by a speech where C.J. simply whittled down her point to: “…a very simple idea: accepting people for who they are. Accepting people’s differences.”

Bruce Is Out, Caitlyn Jenner Is “In”

It’s official. Once you land an Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair cover, you might as well know you have as much made your high couture stripes as you are going to be seen throughout the mainstream news. As had been indicated last week Leibovitz shot the first ever Bruce Jenner post transformation shots for an upcoming summer issue of Vanity Fair. The picture of that cover, a stunner, has been released today across the blog’o world, with the issue to appear on newsstands June 9th.