Babylon Couture

The opulence of the quickly morphing culture of moviedom reflected in the actions, sound, lights, and, yes, the dress of the times, is surely clearly defined in Babylon

Couture and Statements At The 92nd Academy Awards

This year the haute couture seen at the 92nd Academy Awards was a night of silhouettes over skin and statements woven into style; alas, there were no latex styles on hand. Culture royalty walked the red carpet in their finest frockery, sat adoring one another during the three-hour-plus celebration, and partied the night away (and …


Angelina Jolie, Dressed Or Not

It’s not just who wears what latex outfit or semi-alternative fashion we are interested in (or come to blog about). Sometimes, it’s a question of what somebody might not be wearing or nothing much at all, that might catch our attention and respect. Fetish couture, sexy onstage costumes, and even the occasional tasteful nude interests us all, …