Predicting Fashions (Alternative and Haute Couture) of 2021

Yes, we are all as much wondering when we might get back to wearing our best leather dress or straight-leg latex trousers for a sultry night on the town as what lasting fashion results might come from the COVID-19 shutdown. In some ways, 2021 might prove more challenging than 2020 when we can get out …


A Pratt Tribute

To see our wardrobe pieces adorn the likes of Katy Perry or featured in magazines throughout the world, is also an honor and thrill. And then just to hang out with our fellow fashion fashionistas, as much admiring their work as being complimented on ours, rewards us in ways we can’t describe. But to be recognized recently by the school we learned so much of our craft in, as we just were in this Pratt Institute News piece, puts an icing on the cake that we have been hard baking the past few months.