Dawnamatrix, Paul Allan & Celina Greinke shoot for Snow Winters Designs and Annxannxdesign

Once again we were honored to showcase our latex couture on a stunning model, through the lenses of an expert fashion photographer. This time the images from our recent shoot with Paul Allan photographing model Celina Greinke were executed as a promo shoot for jewelry designs collaborations with two very talented alternative accessory makers, Snow Winters of Snow Winters Designs and Han-Yin Hsu of Annxannxdesign.

The 2nd Annual Couture & Cars Fashion Show

To be sure, the cars are any amazing accompaniment to the couture and does make the Couture & Cars Fashion Show certainly something we love to be part of. The visual allure of vintage and modern exotic sportscars with models walking a runway among them is a match made in alt. fashion heaven. We know for instance, that the World of WerableArt’s museum, all the way over in New Zealand, featured a match-up of fashion designer’s clothing (our winning one included) with cars just recently and Mr. Bailey’s assumption that more men do attend these shows seems to be born out time and again when we have seen our couture matched with car culture.

The Tech++Fashion Show

Come this April 26th, we are presenting a Dawnamatrix fashions at the Tech++ Fashion Show being held at the Seattle at University of Washington Intellectual House. At that show we will also be showcasing the Acrylic Amour collection.