Supatex Site Relaunch

Supatex is the fashion division of 4D Rubber. Based in Derbyshire England, 4D has been a leader in rubber sheeting and rubber clothing for over half a century. Their unique manufacturing processes has created for both companies the consistent possibility of a wide color range, more secure bonding and the very best in shine, tear strength and stretch. And as we all well know, these are particular factors those of us who wear/make/enjoy latex and rubber find very important indeed.

Spotlight on Four D Rubber, Dawnamatrix Latex Supplier

Four D is a global-wide “market leading manufacturer of natural & synthetic precision latex rubber sheeting and products.” Through their half century and more of creation and service (they have been working with latex clothing for 35 years) the company has gained a reputation second-to-none for producing the marketplace’s leading thin latex sheeting, and to be sure, this thinness is so very important to a designer like us who needs to manipulate material in so many ways. 4D’s continued innovations and their willingness to jump right in and help with any quandary presented them has seen them provide products and materials to not just latex couture designers but for dental Dams, food processing equipment and even exercise putty.$