With Latex A Picture Truly Is Worth A Thousand Words

We are all well aware of where we might see latex fashion design, rubber clothing, those outfits and accessories we all crave to wear. From fashion events to specific magazines, possibly on Lady Gaga on a semi-regular basis, that couture that makes such an impression in our lives, certainly makes a showing from time to time. And when it comes to latex, PVC, rubber, alternate wardrobes, a picture really is worth a thousand words and a few new publications are speaking volumes with their pics featuring the stuff we love.

marquisPeter Czernich, of Marquis fame, has produced a 2017 calendar. You have probably heard that Marquis went through some changes in the past few years-mainly that it is now owned by an American company and Mr. Czernich has stayed on as consultant and editor-and the famous fetish photographer has had more time for his personal art pursuits. Model Jess Janssen is co-producer here and is featured across the 12 images. In addition to the calendar, Czernich is supporting model Stella Curve and cartoonists The Angel Twins in his online endeavors, and he will present a gallery on the Terminal F website coming soon.

So certainly pictures tell lots of the story of Peter Czernich.

The recently published BDSM Dictionary (Dictionnaire du BDSM) is another place to find wildly erotic photographs of folks in fetish clothing. This 320-page hardcover, with 300 illustrations, was put together by writer/filmmaker Gala Fur. Photographers here include François Thomas, Yasuji Watanabe and Tomi Ungerer, to name a few, while models (again to name but a few) including Fergus Greer, Gilles Berquet, Marie L, and Araki.la-musardine

The BDSM Dictionary is published by Parisian bookshop La Musardine and presently only available in French.

And lastly, having not anything at all to do with a Damask Vest or fetish photography specifically, but about infamous photography all the same, photographer David Hamilton died this week. His controversial work has been at the center of the is-it-porn-is-it-art debate for four decades, most notably with his seminal photographic collection Age of Innocence.

Yes, for all of the above, and for many of us, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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